Barton Nutritional Systems was founded by Maritza Barton, an author and researcher who dedicated her life’s work to understanding the effects that herbs, vitamins, minerals, and antibiotics may have on cellular generation, bronchial health, aging, and virility. In addition to being a researcher and author, Barton is an educator who has helped countless individuals understand the body’s systems and how holistic approaches can help to mitigate the effects of indigestion, aging, bronchial infections, sexual dysfunction, and more.

Each blend in the Barton Nutritional Systems product line was created with a specific purpose in mind. The Barton Nutritional Systems line comprises four categories:

  • Men’s Health
  • Total Health
  • Weight Loss
  • Anti-Aging

Across all categories, Barton Nutritional Systems products have one common goal: to help you live the best, longest, and healthiest life possible. In its over 25 years of operation, Barton Nutritional Systems has helped countless individuals pursue living their best lives.